Verdelite Tourmaline

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Large Verdelite from Madagascar 22.56 ct, ICA photo

Cushion-cut light mint verdelite set 8.35 ct photo

Set of verdelites 10.06 ct, Afghanistan photo

Mint tourmaline set 10.21 ct, Afghanistan photo

Green tourmaline set 14.98 ct photo

Green tourmaline from Afghanistan 10.43 ct photo

Unrefined green tourmaline 9.22 ct photo

Rare mint green tourmaline 4.50 ct, Nigeria photo

Intense green tourmaline 4.01 ct photo

Afghani mint cushion-cut tourmaline 2.48 ct photo

Tourmaline verdelite 3.66 ct photo

Bright green tourmaline verdelite 3.53 ct photo

Afghanistan green tourmaline 3.39 ct photo

Cushion cut green tourmaline 2.46 ct photo

Green tourmaline 2.30 ct photo

Natural mint tourmaline 2.90 ct photo

Light green tourmaline 2.26 ct photo

Light mint tourmaline 1.56 ct photo

Soft green tourmaline 1.72 ct photo

Mint blue-green tourmaline 1.52 ct photo

Verdelite set 12.08 ct photo

Set of green tourmalines 8,85 ct, Afganistan photo

Set of mint verdelite 7.45 ct photo

Set of green-mint verdelite 3.69 ct photo

Set of blue-green tourmaline 6.56 ct photo

Pair of green tourmalines 4.40 ct photo

Pair of green verdelites 5.23 ct photo

Pair of green verdelites 3.93 ct, GFCO photo

Golden straw tourmaline 4.69 ct photo

Pair of straw tourmalines 5.72 ct photo

Set of tourmalines 4.68, 3.06 and 2.65 ct photo

Pair of verdelites 6.62 ct photo

Pair of mint tourmalines 4.67 carats photo

Pair of gently mint tourmalines 7.92 ct photo

Contrasting pair of 11.56 ct tourmalines photo

Pair of contrasting tourmalines 7.27 ct photo

Tourmaline set 12.60 ct, Afghanistan photo

Contrasting pair of tourmalines 9.08 ct photo

Verdelite set 2.22 ct, Afghanistan photo

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