Wide selection of garnets: from crimson red rhodolites to vivid green demantoids. High quality at the best price, worldwide delivery.

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Spessartine top fanta 5.62 ct photo

Incredible rhodolite from Tanzania 4.71 ct photo

Spessartine top color

Ural demantoid 0.73 ct photo

Ural demantoid 0.53 ct photo

Ural demantoid 0.57 ct photo

Ural demantoid 0.93 ct photo

Ural demantoid 0.92 ct photo

Ural demantoid 1.18 ct photo

Set of Tanzanian Malaya garnets 2.42 ct photo

Hessonite garnet 1.12 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Hessonite garnet 2.32 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Russian demantoid 2.60 ct photo

Russian demantoid 1.73 ct photo

Russian demantoid 0.88 ct  photo

Russian demantoid 0.88 ct photo

Set of three rhodolites 17.49 ct photo

Rare color-changing garnet 1.25 ct photo

Large tsavorite garnet from Kenya, 4,31 ct photo

Rare Hessonite Garnet from Madagascar 9.30 ct photo

Set of tsavorites from Tanzania 5.96 ct photo

Bright green demantoid 3.32 ct, Ural photo

Deep green Ural demantoid 3.77 ct photo

Pair of Ural demantoids 1.69 ct photo

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