Our constantly growing gemstone collection is the result of many years’ experience, dozens of trips to mining regions and passion for gemstone business.

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Natural pink tourmaline 6.13 ct photo

Soft pink tourmaline 11.36 ct photo

Natural green tourmaline 12.55 ct photo

Lavender tanzanite 2.94 ct photo

Green tourmaline 4.76 ct, Afghanistan photo

Neon blue Paraiba tourmaline 10.03 ct, Mozambique photo

Pair of light gray spinels 4.82 ct Burma photo

Natural Burmese gray spinel 5.51 ct photo

Tourmaline-verdelite 7.90 ct photo

Natural mint tourmaline 2.90 ct photo

Natural blue-green tourmaline 2.46 ct photo

Soft green tourmaline 1.72 ct photo

Mint blue-green tourmaline 1.52 ct photo

Pink tourmaline 3.04 ct photo

Color change tourmaline 2.99 ct photo

Color-shifting tourmaline 2.73 ct photo

Natural pink tourmaline 2.66 ct photo

Unrefined green tourmaline 9.22 ct photo

Lavender tanzanite 2.74 ct photo

Pair of yellow sapphires 3.5 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Pair of gray spinels 5.58 ct Burma photo

Pair of gray spinels 5.40 ct Burma photo

Pair of gray spinels 5.11 ct Burma photo

Gray spinel 3.44 ct Burma photo

Incredible 13.54 carat deep spessartine photo

Spessartine top fanta 5.62 ct photo

Ceylon blue sapphire 3.86 ct photo

Fine blue sapphire Royal Blue 4.48 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Sapphire Royal Blue 3.06 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Royal Blue sapphire 2.80 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Paraiba tourmaline 5.19 ct, Mozambique photo

Unheated yellow sapphire 4.69 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline 3.60 ct photo

Paraiba tourmaline 3.30 ct, Brazil photo

Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline 2.61 ct photo

Paraiba tourmaline 4.25 ct, Mozambique photo

Paraiba tourmaline 6.24 ct, Mozambique photo

Tanzanite set 9.41 ct photo

Pair of contrasting tourmalines 7.27 ct photo

Contrasting pair of 11.56 ct tourmalines photo

Pair of tourmalines 8.32 ct from Afghanistan photo

Incredible rhodolite from Tanzania 4.71 ct photo

Contrasting pair of tourmalines 9.08 ct photo

A lovely pair of rubellites 8.61 ct photo

Pair of gently mint tourmalines 7.92 ct photo

Honey yellow sapphire 2.33 ct, Madagascar photo

Set of three indigolites 30.50 ct, Afghanistan photo

Heart-cut lavender tanzanite 4.10 ct photo

Pigeon blood Burmese ruby 2.02 ct photo

Pigeon blood Burmese ruby 2.26 ct photo

Incredible 2.28 carat pigeons blood Burmese ruby photo

Sugar Paraiba tourmaline 18.13 ct, Mozambique photo

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