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Wide selection of blue indicolite tourmalines is available in Moscow and Bangkok. Loose indicolites, indicolite matching pairs and sets. Worldwide delivery. 

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Indicolite set 10.45 ct photo

Indicolite 9.46 ct photo

Set of indicolites 10.49 ct photo

Set of tourmalines 13.20 ct photo

Blue tourmaline 3.65 ct, Afghanistan photo

Blue tourmaline set 4.71 ct, Afghanistan photo

Pair of blue tourmalines 2.36 ct, Afghanistan photo

Pair of blue tourmalines 2.40 ct, Afghanistan photo

Pair of Neon blue tourmalines 2.01 ct, Afghanistan photo

Blue and mint green tourmalines 5.01 ct, Afghanistan photo

Indicolite tourmaline from Afghanistan 5.01 ct photo

Pair of blue tourmalines from Afghanistan 4.37 ct photo

Indicolite from Afghanistan 4.74 ct photo

Rare blue tourmaline 6.83 ct photo

Unique large indicolite 19.13 ct (GRS) photo

Beautiful pair of trillion cut tourmalines 21.45 ct photo

Indicolite tourmaline 10.73 ct, Namibia photo

Rare high quality indicolite  20.74 ct, Afghanistan photo

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