New Year Sale!

From December 11 to January 11, at GEMSTOCK.RU offers more than 40 items of colored stones and pearls with a discount of 40 to 50%! Steel gray and purple spinels, spessartines, rhodolites and rare Malaya garnets, fancy sapphires, pink, mint and Lagoon blue tourmalines, sea pearls and much more! Happy New Year shopping!

44 items
Paraiba tourmaline 0.96 ct photo

Set of three rhodolites 17.49 ct photo

Purple spinel 3.11 ct photo

Rich wine rhodolite 14.35 ct photo

Green tourmaline 2.30 ct photo

Pink tourmaline 1.91 ct photo

Purple spinel 1.54 ct photo

Lavender spinel 2.49 ct photo

Star sapphire set 30.49 ct photo

Indicolite set 10.45 ct photo

Doublet opal 1.62 ct photo

Doublet opal set 9.45 ct photo

Doublet opal 12.24 ct photo

Doublet opal 4.85 ct photo

Beautiful pink kunzite from Afghanistan 33.68 ct  photo

Paraiba tourmaline 0.60 ct photo

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