Rubellite Tourmaline

Wide selection of red rubellite tourmalines from Brazil, Nigeria and Mozambique. Various cuts and shapes, high quality, best prices. Worldwide delivery.

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Pink tourmaline 1.91 ct photo

Contrasting pair of tourmalines 9.08 ct photo

Pair of tourmalines 8.32 ct from Afghanistan photo

Contrasting pair of 11.56 ct tourmalines photo

Hot pink rubellite 6.37 ct photo

Set of three tourmalines 5.94 ct photo

A lovely pair of rubellites 8.61 ct photo

Pair of contrasting tourmalines 7.27 ct photo

Natural pink tourmaline 2.66 ct photo

Color-shifting tourmaline 2.73 ct photo

Color change tourmaline 2.99 ct photo

Pink tourmaline 3.04 ct photo

Set of pink tourmalines from Nigeria 42.63 ct photo

Soft pink tourmaline 11.36 ct photo

Natural pink tourmaline 6.13 ct photo

Pair of tourmalines 6.35 ct, Afghanistan photo

Pair of tourmalines 3.97 ct, Afghanistan photo

Set of three tourmalines 5.76 ct photo

Set of pink and green tourmalines 25.39 ct photo

Pair of rubellite and spessartine 6.87 ct photo

Set of rubellites 30.61 ct, Afghanistan photo

Large rubellite 53.86 ct, Brazil photo

Brazilian rubellite pair 20.69 ct  photo

Pair of large rubellites 80.11 ct photo

Soft pink cabochon tourmaline 63.42 ct photo

High-quality rubellite 5.77 ct photo

Crimson red tourmaline 16.77 ct photo

Tourmaline rubellite 8.70 ct photo

Rubellite pair 6.89 ct photo

Beautiful tourmaline rubellite 2.50 ct photo

Pink tourmaline 24.18 ct, Nigeria photo

Rare padparadscha-colored tourmaline 16.09 ct photo

Pink tourmaline rubellite 9.92 ct, Brazil photo

Purple rubellite 74.87 ct photo

Beautiful rubellite 6.90 ct photo

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