Cabochon cut gems

34 items
Hot pink rubellite 12.13 ct from Brazil photo

Hot pink rubellite 19.39 ct from Brazil photo

Jewelry rubellite cabochon 18.90 ct Brazil photo

Bright rubellite 6.26 ct from Brazil photo

Ural demantoid 4.34 ct photo

Ural demantoid 4.37 ct photo

Ural demantoid 1.66 ct photo

Ural demantoid 1.83 ct photo

Unique large rubellite 47.04 ct Brazil photo

Pink rubellite cabochon cut to 11.17 ct from Brazil photo

Luxury rubellite 22.31 ct Brazil photo

Rare Ural demantoid 9.74 ct photo

A pair of rubellites 20.69 ct from Brazil photo

Precious opal 15,86 ct from Ethiopia photo

Russian demantoid garnet 5,49 ct photo

A pair of russian demantoids 8,64 ct photo

A set of three demantoid garnets 10,79 ct from Russia photo

Precious white opal 13,95 ct from Ethiopia photo

Australian black opal 9,55 ct photo

Solid australian black opal 10,74 ct photo

Moon stone 12.0 ct from Tanzania photo

Tourmaline Paraiba 8.08 ct from Mozambique photo

Spessartine in cabochon cut 11.58 ct photo

Spessartine in cabochon cut 15.25 ct photo

Purple rubellite 74.87 ct photo

Gently pink rubellite in cabochon cut 63.42 ct photo

A pair of moon stones 2.02 and 1.71 ct photo

A pair of rubellites 80.11 ct photo

Purple rubellite 53.86 ct photo

Sugar loaf moon stone 23.54 ct from Burma photo

A set of moon stones 24.67 ct photo

A set of moon stones 5.56 ct photo — gemstones from all over the world
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