Pair of South sea pearls 14.5 mm, Australia
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Type of pearl
Australian South Sea pearls
Diameter of the pearl (mm)
Shape of the pearl
Degree of luster
Surface clarity
Body tone
White cold


Pair of white Australian pearls 14.5 mm Perfectly round large Australian pearl white color with a silvery-pink hue. Shade of silver-pink is considered the most valuable from a palette of white Australian pearls. The color of the pearls is absolutely natural, because pearls are not subjected to any kind of treatment. Excellent level chandelier creates a mirror surface of the pearl, which reflects the surrounding objects. Pearls with excellent surface quality, and therefore without flaws, are extremely rare and valued very highly. We would like to mention the level of selection of the pearls, which is the result of painstaking and long-term selective work.

All pearls and pearl necklaces personally selected the leading on the Russian market expert on pearls – Xenia China. We guarantee the best value, highest quality and the highest level of expertise in pearls.

  • All photos are made in daylight without any filters and color correction.
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  • Upon request we can send additional photos or videos of chosen gems. At extra charge we can provide certification in GIT, GIA, GRS, AIGS etc.
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