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Blue zircon 40.39 ct from Cambodia photo

Tourmaline Indicolite 3,08 ct photo

Heart shape garnet Malaya 7,09 ct photo

Light blue tourmaline 8,14 ct photo

Pink spinel 5,49 ct from Burma photo

Tanzanite 41.45 ct from Tanzania photo

Pink tourmaline 29.52 ct from Nigeria photo

Vivid green tsavorite 3.09 ct from Kenya photo

Violet sapphire (no heat) 4.53 ct from Sri Lanka photo

Orange sapphire 7.65 ct from Sri Lanka photo

Lagoon tourmaline 5.84 ct photo

Ruby "pigeon blood" color 2.54 ct, GRS photo

Violetish pink spinel 8.68 ct from Burma photo

Top red spinel 3.14 ct from Tanzania photo

Lavender cushion shape spinel 12.73 ct from Burma photo

Padparadja type tourmaline 16.09 ct photo

Pink rhodolite 32.54 ct from Sri Lanka photo

Bluesh green tourmaline 16.79 ct photo

Tourmaline Paraiba 16.58 ct, GRS photo

Huge watermelon tourmaline 134.13 ct from Brazil photo

Large green sphene 47.86 ct from Madagascar photo

A pair of mint tourmalines 48.16 ct from Nigeria photo

Golden brown zircon 66.50 ct from Madagascar photo

Yellow sapphire (no heat) 111.17 ct photo

Yellow sapphires (no heat) 58.00 and 71.00 ct (GRS) photo

Green tourmaline 26.21 ct from Brazil photo

Tourmaline Paraiba color type 6,12 ct from Mozambique photo

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